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DAP UK sales is a family run business dedicated to supplying quality Fire Rated Sealants & Insulation products to the Construction Industry. Specifically set up off the back of DAP Building & Construction Services Ltd who until recently apart from some preferential sales, used the products for supply and installation only.

It has now become clear that in an ever changing market place and with the increase for the requirement for a weather seal to be provided on top of the Fire barrier, it was time to offer the SL-100 & GG-200 Sealants to the open market as an option for this.

Products for sale primarily include the SL-100 Self levelling Fire Rated Sealant for horizontal applications and the GG-200 Gun grade Sealant for Vertical applications. We also offer a Fire Stop insulation MW 300 to go with the Sealants to offer Curtain Wall and Mechanical / Electrical penetrations Fire Stopping. All tested to BS 476 Part 20 and 22. All other products listed on the NUCO Inc. website are also available to purchase, please enquire for stock and current availability.

The SL-100 is being favoured on an increasing number of jobs as a water seal being applied to the surface of most Fire Barrier Insulation. It is easily applied with simple hand tools and does not require the use of expensive spray pump machines. Please refer to the images of a recent installation for Focchi in London. Siderise Insulation, a major company within the Fire Stop Industry who manufacture the Lamertherm FS 120 System, only approve the use of the SL-100 as their weather seal silicone option. Please contact us for other Insulation suitability.


Since 1998 we have been working along side and with NUCO Inc. the Canadian manufacturer of the products and continue to do so. We are the only official stockist and supplier of the products and have a very impressive history of supplying to Major companies for numerous major projects throughout the UK and around Europe.

Clients include but not limited to:

  • Josef Gartner
  • Focchi UK Ltd
  • Sheldebouw
  • Permasteelisa UK Ltd
  • Felix UK Ltd
  • Grants Precast
  • Lindner Facades UK Ltd
  • Kilnbridge
  • Siderise Insulation
  • Some of the more notable projects which have SL-100 / GG-200/ MW-300 installed include the following:

    Manchester Area:

    Civil Justice Centre. Great Jackson Street.

    London Area:

    The Shard of Glass. (72 levels SL 100 & MW 300). The Royal London Hospital (60 levels SL 100 & MW 300). The Mini Shard. One Canada Square, 50 levels, Canary Wharf. Wembley National Stadium. Watermark Place. 145 City Road.


    Plaza Castilla, Madrid, 2 × 24 story towers.

    Northern Ireland:

    Ballylumford Power Station. Kilroot Power Station.

    Southern Ireland:

    Conrad Hilton Hotel.


    Suntec City.


    "Firestopping Products at the leading edge of the Firestop industry. The 100% silicone Firestop sealants will provide a water, smoke and toxic gas seal that will meet the stringent industry requirements."


    Self-Seal® SL-100 Self-Leveling Silicone Firestop is a single-component, low modulus, self-leveling silicone firestop sealant designed for floor applications.
    Click the icon above to view and/or download the technical data sheet.


    Self-Seal® GG-200 is a single-component, low modulus, non-slumping silicone firestop sealant designed for wall and floor applications.
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    Self-Seal® MW-300 is a specially formulated non combustible, pre-sized, semi-rigid mineral wool strip with a nominal 4.5 pcf (72 kg/m3) density.
    Click the icon above to view and/or download the technical data sheet.

    Cox Powerflow Application Gun:


    Cartridge cradle support frame
    Takes 310ml and 400ml cartridges
    12:1 trigger ratio for easier working
    Strong welded steel epoxy coated frame
    Flow Stop control can be switched on/off
    Zinc coated corrosion resistant components

    SL-100 Application

    Past Projects


    "Self-Seal Firestopping Products."

    Technical Documentation:

    Why Firestop?

    The purpose is to contain a fire to the smallest area possible and inhibit smoke from traveling to other areas of the building. Ultimately, by containing or slowing down the spread of smoke and fire, you will increase the time for evacuation and allow for the firefighters to react. The goal of firestopping is to SAVE lives and minimize building damage.

    Are NUCO Inc. products certified UL, ULC and cUL?

    NUCO Inc. Firestop solutions products are UL, ULC and cUL certified as well as FM and Wornock Hersey.

    Should I use GG-200 or SL-100 on a floor service penetration?

    In general SL-100 would be preferable since it’s a self leveling material and will reduce labour cost since there’s little to no tooling required. See our listings to ensure the proper product is used for every application.

    Can I use Self-Seal products outside?

    Yes, because our firestop products are made of silicone, it carries all the benefits of silicone, including resistance to cracking, ultraviolet radiation and ozone.

    What is the difference between Firestopping caulk and regular silicone caulks?

    Firestop caulks are part of rated systems and are composed of specific components unlike regular silicones that can contain certain chemical differences.

    Are NUCO Inc. products tested to British Standards?

    Yes, Both the SL 100 and GG 200 sealants along with the MW 300 comply with BS 476 part 20. In addition NUCO Inc. products are UL, ULC and CUL Certified along with FM and Wornock Hersey. Please contact us for any further information required.

    Do you offer an Installation service?

    Yes, DAP Building and Construction Services still operate within this field. Please contact us with your requirements.

    What is an annular space?

    The distance between the outside diameter of the pipe or cable and the hole it’s penetrating.

    Does NUCO Inc. product contain asbestos?

    No, NUCO Inc. products do not contain any Asbestos.


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